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A look at Green Crack – the highest ranking cannabis strain of CannaSOS

Over the past couple of years our users have left many reviews on different cannabis strains. From AK-47 to Northern Lights, there are dozens of buds that have captivated many stoners on our platform and beyond it. Today we will take a look at the best-ranking Sativa on our list – Green Crack cannabis strain.

Full body

At first look, there is nothing really special about this herb. Green Crack is pretty generic-looking: very green and completely covered in long orange hairs. You might have seen this kind of stuff on the shelves for a dozen times by now. However, this plain exterior hides a very juicy and delicious center. When given a little squish the buds seem to explode with resin. It feels like touching a sponge if the sponge was filled with THC to the top.

The scent Green Crack cannabis strain gives can be described as a reminiscent of Durban Poison with less chemical notes and a strong earthy background. It hits the user’s noses as soon as he or she opens the bag or a jar with this herb. Strong, but not really overwhelming is the best way to describe it.


In terms of effects Green Crack cannabis strain is as good as a pure Sativa can get. It does an excellent job at boosting the mind with energy in the morning and that’s why many use it as their number one wake-and-bake herb. It also does a good job at keeping a person focused on their task.

The best part of it is that the strain is so strong, you don’t even need a big amount of it. One little pipe can carry you through the day with no problem and make you feel as jolly as Santa Claus. For these reasons and many more our users deem this the best existing Sativa.

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