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A trip to dream country with Afghan Kush recreational marijuana strain

As of today there are thousands of pure Indica strains featured in the CannaSOS database. Despite this fact only one strain has managed to keep users in a tight grip for the past couple of years. Why did the herb stand its ground for so long? First off all, it’s a Kush. Any cannabis that is a Kush gets 10 points on any review.

It goes without saying that this beauty is a member of the Kush family. In fact, it was one of the first of its kind to come out of the snowy Afghani Mountains. Over the years Afghan Kush marijuana strain has become the backbone of countless herbs with relative outside of the Kush family. Like many that came after it, the leaf is a pure Indica, although not as potent as some of them.

Feel the bud

The first thing you notice about any cannabis is how it looks. The short bushy plants are known to grow elongated and thing nuggs. Afghan Kush marijuana strain is colored like pretty much any weed on the market: dark green and full of orange hairs. Despite its small size, the buds are dripping with resin and as we all know, that is a sign of a powerful weed. The resin production is so good it can cause buds to stick them to fingers. Be extra careful when rolling them.

What Afghan Kush marijuana strain lacks in look it certainly compensates in odor. Imaging buying some dried oregano and sage and mixing them in a bowl. The weed is not even out of the bag at this point. If you take it out and start breaking the nuggs apart, a strong lemon aroma will quickly fill your nose. When smoked it feels like perfume and white flour in your mouth.

Afghan power

Afghan Kush marijuana strain is a real powerhouse in terms of potency. After only a few hits this herb will strongly hit you with a pleasant case of euphoria. It’s not exactly a body buzz as the sensations mostly remain in the facial area. You will feel pressure build up in your temples and eyes. This is followed by a an hour or so of excellent full on relaxation.

The high usually lasts for a good 90 minutes. It’s fair to say that this girl is not a creeper as the effects kick in almost immediately. Indica genetic kick in after 45 minutes. Not the longest lasting experience, but some users may find it more preferable. If you are a fan of Afghan Kush marijuana strain be sure to check out Gold Kush and OG Kush.

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