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Our Network Platform


The way your customers are accessing the Internet is changing. With the quick adoption of handheld devices and widgets, users expect a powerful online experience at any time no matter where they are in the world. How can you keep up with such expectations as connection capacities and media types are constantly changing?

We have built our own network based on cloud partners, using comprehensive technology for DNS routing and hosting. Our network platform relies on innovations and special developing software to make efficient decisions for each unique content request.


Versatile Global Infrastructure

Online media content is endless – videos, images, websites, games, social sites, software; a slow loading speed can ruin the user’s experience with such content, often pushing the user to a competitor’s site. Our goal is to perfect the online experience by delivering reliable lightning-speed content with CDN and ADN, no matter how challenging a delivery requirement may be; our infrastructure is specially designed to support a multitude of businesses, even those that have a massive library!

Our cloud solution is based in data centers that house hundreds of servers that do the hard work when it comes to delivering your content. Each distribution center has the power to sustain your entire catalog, even if your deployment requires numerous servers. With global dispersion, any request can be completed with the help from a nearby server.


The Benefits of Joining Our Network

  • 3500 POP Locations around the worldacnettech01
  • 51,476 IP Peering Partners, meaning:
  • Reduced server loads
  • Fast content delivery
  • Provides statistical analysis of asset delivery
  • Decreased effect of server failure on website
  • Direct connections to access networks
  • Provides security by absorbing and neutralizing potential threats
  • Increased business results
  • Delivers fast, engaging sites optimized to mobile devices or desktops
  • Delivers quality experience across all geographies
  • Provides performance under peak traffic conditions
  • Rejection of fake traffic, spam emails, and DDoS requests; we block robotic or automated software requests


Measure the Speed of Acelloria’s CDN

Upon signup, integrate Google Analytics or Hitwise Tools into your website code – this will give you the full statistical load speed of our CDN right down to the millisecond. Try it out! Open your website on any mobile device and desktop and see the difference – your website will load instantly no matter how complex your source code is. Not to mention, if you Ping our network, you will see only our PoP IPs and remote locations.

Premium Content Delivery Network

Acelloria's Technology Network Partners

Akamai AllStream Amazon AT&T BT ChinaTelecom DELL DotCloud Espanix HP IBM Level(3) Microsoft


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