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Article Distribution

Our Services:

Our team of professional writers will create a unique article on any topic of your choice. Each article is then distributed to hundreds of high PR directories, such as Ezine articles,, and, while monitoring for submission acceptance.

If any issues arise, the article will be revised and resubmitted. Our clients will receive a list of all directories their article was submitted to and accepted.

  • 500+ word professional article writing, no plagiarizing

  • Submission of each article to a high PR directory

Article Distribution

Old-Fashioned Doesn’t Always Mean ‘Ineffective’

Article submission has been around for many years, primarily because of its effectiveness in increasing a website’s rank naturally in organic search through backlinking.

The beauty of this practise lies in educating your readers and creating awareness of your business while improving the indexation of your site. When an article is submitted to various directories, the writer can include links, such as site’s home page link or blog link, and keywords, in the author’s resource box, including a small biography or company explanation.

Similar to self-promotion. These links serve as backlinks and the more of these backlinks you have stemming from directories around the world, the higher you will rank in search results and link popularity.

Increase Web Traffic Guaranteed

In This World, Reputation is Everything

The more informative the article is, the more it educates the user on your industry and company, the greater of a reputation you will build for yourself. Readers will begin to see you as authority, or even an expert in your field. This, of course, leads to more users visiting your site, trusting your products and services, and will encourage more readers to be converted to potential customers.

If the article is really mind-boggling, you can be certain that it will find its way to social media sites through readers, hence even further increasing your brand awareness.

But wait! There is more! There are many article directories that allow readers to subscribe to their categories of interest which are associated with RSS feeds. This means that any of these users receive an instant alert whenever an article is submitted. Your readers will always be informed and your articles will always have an audience.

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