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Get Your Eye-Catching Banner!

All of our PPC plans include the design and marketing of banner advertisement. Our design team is up for the challenge of creating a visually appealing and interactive graphic that will knock the socks off of viewers.

Utilizing their many years of experience in graphic design and online marketing, they will create a graphic in four different sizes, that incorporate modern banner trends, for any industry. Unlimited revisions are included.


Plans and Pricing

Benefits of Banner Marketing

  1. Inexpensive

Banner ads first appeared on the Web in 1994 and are still to this day extensively used by companies because of their low cost and amazing impact on website ratings.

As part of our package, your banner ad will be distributed to hundreds of sites within our network. Not only will your ad be placed only on websites that are from the same category and industry as your company, but will be submitted to the most visible parts of a Web page, such as the header and side margins.

Why click on banner

Banner marketing gives you the option of selecting the websites that you wish for your ad to appear on; by catering to your target market, you will be driving clicks to your website from interested audiences.

  1. Increase Website Traffic From New Sources

We are sure you have noticed that we mention ‘backlinks’ a lot; the quality and quantity of backlinks is crucial for a website’s ranking in the SERP. Banner marketing is another way to build a strong foundation of incoming links that add to your site’s reputation while building clientele in the process.

  1. Increase Brand and Website Awareness
Who's clicking on banners

The visual aspect of banner ads has changed, now companies are increasing the interaction between users and banners through videos that can be instantly played, rollover effects, and messages that can be rotated. This initiates a consumer response, making users pay attention to your message, as well as your brand. By placing your banner on a multitude of content-related websites, you will be constantly receiving attention from potential customers and enlarging the quantity of users who have viewed your banner and brand.

Plans and Pricing


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