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Category: Technology

CannaSOS’ strain review function – a tour of one of our proudest achievements

The team behind continues to discuss the different aspects of the cannabis social network. In this edition we will be discussing the strain review feature present on the platform, its features and use.

Our system was designed so that not only users can leave reviews for themselves.  They can also post a review with information about a friend that has used the strain for treatment. There is also an ability to share ones experience with using a particular strain for treatment of animal diseases.

Let’s start reviewing

From here a user can give a general raiding to a herb. For example, if he or she wants to leave a review on the Pineapple Express marijuana strain, they can score it from “not recommended” to “exceptional”.  Then a user can choose a preferable type of consumption for the strain. The scale also works for positive and negative effects. A user can decide whether or not Pineapple Express marijuana strain was particularly good at lifting their spirits up or made it impossible for them to get rid of a dry mouth.

The next step in creating a review is picking diseases and symptoms they tried to cure with a marijuana strain. The rating system also allows to voice concerns over the effectiveness of treatment with a particular marijuana strain or to prove that it does in fact. Lastly, there is an option to add any sort of smell or flavor a user stumbled upon while consuming an herb. Those who wish to go in greater detail about their experience with the strain or want to upload some photos of buds, plants oredibles, they are free to do so.

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