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Directory Submission

Directory submission involves submitting your website URL along with the profile of your company to a web directory. The benefit of having many back links is that it increases the chances that a search engine spider or a unique visitor will come across your site. These links act like road signs, directing all Internet traffic to your company website. The frequency of link submission and indexation increases naturally the rankings and popularity of your site, making it easily accessible from external sources.

Submission of URL to 300-1000 Directories!

Directory Submission

Benefits of Acelloria’s Submission Service:

  1. SEO Friendly Submissions
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All links are submitted to directories that are active and that do not have any broken links. Each directory is in high standing with a PR of 3 and higher and have been functional for a couple of years.

  1. Tracking Reports
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We provide weekly submission reports that state the status (approved, pending, rejected) of each of your URLs. We do not use our own network of directories that have been created for submission service - we use only real directories that are from third-party owners. Because of this, we cannot guarantee a high approval rate since each directory has its own requirements that your site may not match. This is also the reason why we submit your URL to hundreds of directories - to maximize the amount of back links that your site will obtain through popular and content appropriate directories.

  1. Manual Submissions
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Automatic submission is a popular service these days, however it does not guarantee that your site will be categorized in the proper sections, nor submitted to good-standing directories. Many directories also have robots that block automated submissions, putting your URL at risk for being considered a threat or blocked completely, giving your website a bad reputation. For this reason, we manually submit your profile ensuring that all fields of the submission process are filled out properly and that your website is categorized based on your industry.


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Directory Submission does not happen in a day. It takes months to build a portfolio of back links that boost your rankings in search engines. If companies decide to submit their URLs to directories every day in large volumes, search engines, such as Google, may penalize their site, classifying it as ‘spammy.’ Building a great online reputation while in Google’s black book will prove to be a very difficult challenge. Submission like all great works of art, takes skill, time, and patience.

Directory Submission Process:

  1. Preparation of title and description of website, and company profile

  2. Opening of a separate email account for submissions

  3. Choosing a proper category that suits the client’s industry

  4. Submitting profile along with logo in directory submission form

  5. Confirmation mail acceptance

  6. Solving any issues if a link was rejected

  7. Preparing the weekly report of complete work to send to client

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