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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics
  • What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?Open or Close

    SEO is usually a time consuming process of getting your website to rank very high on the SERP (search engine results page). Search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, rank pages based on their relevance (by analysing page content) and authority (based on the number and quality of other pages linking to the pages they show) to the words that users enter into the search engine. With SEO, results occur “naturally,” meaning you do not have to invest money into paid search ads.

  • What is PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing?Open or Close

    Paid search marketing is the process of gaining traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. It is sometimes referred to as CPC (cost-per-click) or PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, because most search ads are sold on a CPC / PPC basis. Banner advertising, remarketing, and text links ads are all examples of PPC marketing.

  • What is E-Newsletter Coding?Open or Close

    Email newsletters are a great way to keep current clients informed of new products, upcoming events, and deals in a descriptive yet visually appealing manner. Our designers create and code memorable and attractive newsletters that capture reader’s attention, yet are powerful in increasing user response.  We will convert your existing PSD, PNG, AI design into email friendly HTML code which is compatible with all major email clients. Our package includes unlimited revisions, user-friendly navigation and function design, and clean code.

  • What is Viral Marketing?Open or Close

    Viral marketing, often referred to “word-of-mouth” marketing, encourages people to rapidly spread a message to others, exploding the message to potentially thousands of viewers. An increase in viewers equals an increase in customers and brand awareness. Similar to a biological virus, messages are spread quickly by using hosts; this is how viral marketing got its name.The following are important elements that our marketing team includes in every viral campaign:

    1. Offers free products or services
    2. Utilizes means for effortless transfer to users of various social sites
    3. Targets small and large groups of people
    4. Exploits typical consumer motivations and behaviors
    5. Takes advantage of others’ and external resources
    6. Incorporates article and video marketing into campaign

  • What is a Blog? How is it relevant to SEO?Open or Close

    Updating content on your website is critical to your life-expectancy in the online world. This concept applies to social media, Search Engine Optimization, and a multitude of other forms of marketing. Not everybody has web developers on standby who can post, on behalf of the company, content on the website, which is why blogging became very popular amongst users. By creating a company blog and intertwining it with the current content on your website, you have a constant flow of updated information easily accessible by your target market, and frequently crawled by search engines.

  • What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)?Open or Close

    Content delivery network (CDN) is an interconnected system of computers on the Internet that provides Web content rapidly to many users by duplicating the content on multiple servers and directing the content to users based on proximity. In basic terms, CDN increases the speed at which global users receive the content of the website, being extremely beneficial for companies who have large amounts of visitors on their websites at all times. With CDN, there is no delay or time-out.

    Benefits of CDN:
    – Reduced server loads
    – Fast content delivery
    – Provides statistical analysis of asset delivery
    – Decreased effect of server failure on website
    – Provides security by absorbing and neutralizing potential threats
    – Increased business results
    – Delivers fast, engaging sites optimized to mobile devices or desktops
    – Delivers quality experience across all geographies
    – Provides performance under peak traffic conditions

  • What is Google PageRank?Open or Close

    Google is generally a reputation engine – the more popular your website is then the higher in standing you will be. Google ranks (similar to voting) websites from a PR of 0 to 10. If your website has no consistent traffic or irrelevant content then most likely you will be looking at a rank of 0. Websites like HubSpot or Facebook that generate millions of visitors everyday and that have quality backlinks will be at a rank of 8-10. This is very difficult to achieve, generally a 4 or a 5 means that the website is in great standing.

  • What is an Online Local Profile?Open or Close

    Search engines have local listing pages as well, and it is about time for users to see your business profile there. We will submit a profile, including a description of company services/products, contact information, images, video, and location to local directories, such as Google Map Local listings, 411, Yellow, Yahoo Local Listings, Yelp, Citysquares, so that users browsing these sites can find you under certain categories. Along with an SEO campaign, your online local profile can often triple the effectiveness of your online presence.

  • What are ‘spiders’ and why are they on my website?Open or Close

    A ‘spider,’ also known as a robot or a crawler, is a program that follows or ‘crawls’ links throughout the Internet, analysing content on sites and adding it to search engine indexes. This is why we emphasize the importance of inbound links to your site. Inbound links are incoming links to your website. For example, posting your website in various forums would count as building inbound links. This seems easy at first, however you must take into consideration the links’ reputation when deciding where to post your URL. The higher in status a website is, then the more valuable it is to search engines and in turn you can use that website’s reputation to increase your own reputation. The more links spiders find to your site, the more times they will reanalyze your website and increase your popularity in search engines.

  • What are Meta Tags?Open or Close

    Just like you do not judge a book by its cover or a stranger by how they look, search engines do not judge your website based on the fancy graphics or cleverly presented text. Search engines judge a web page based on its Meta data – Title, Keyword, Description, that are in the coding of your website. These help search engines, like Google, figure out where to place you in search results based on your relevance to search words.

    The title tag summarizes your website in a couple of words or simply this can be the company name. This tag can be seen at the top tab on your browser. If you have a bunch of Web pages open at once, the title tag lets you differentiate the websites by looking at their titles. This tag helps search engines classify your website and each page within it.

    The description tag can list all of the services you offer on your website or the products that you sell ranging from 15-25 words. The customer can see this short description when your website is listed on the SERP underneath the title. Search engines use this information to analyze the website and to understand the greater picture. The description also acts as keywords, so it has to be content rich and carefully written.

    Lastly, the keyword tag is the most important tag of them all. If this is not done properly, it could mean the difference between ten visitors per day or one thousand. When you type in words into the search engine field, such as ‘telephone provider’, this acts as one keyword because this is what you are looking for – websites have to market themselves according to the words that customers type into the search engine.

  • CDN and Website Hosting

  • How come whenever I ping my website on Acelloria Hosting services, I receive a message stating that my site is not available?Open or Close

    Our Hosting services was created with complete focus on the protection of client data from any type of robots, automatic software, and DDoSs which generate plenty of empty/spam traffic. We protect your website on the DNS level. Our system recognizes only normal behaviour.

  • If you block harmful robots and automatic software, how about search engine ‘spiders’?Open or Close

    Our Website Hosting Solution is programmed to recognize search engine scripts, which includes spiders. Not to worry – your website will be indexed!

  • How can I measure the speed of CDN or ADN in my website?Open or Close

    Upon signup, integrate Google Analytics or Hitwise Tools into your website code – this will give you the full statistical load speed of our CDN right down to the millisecond. Try it out! Open your website on any mobile device and desktop and see the difference – your website will load instantly no matter how complex your source code is. Not to mention, if you Ping our network, you will see only our PoP IPs and remote locations.

  • How do I check how many PoPs are available on the Acelloria Network?Open or Close

    Go to any ping service website and type in – you will see different IP’s for every location. We have a PoP for each IP that you see. Websites that allow you to ping other sites have a limit on the amount of data that they can show per each location, because of this you will not see all 3500 of our PoPs.

  • Why is it beneficial for me to move my website from my current provider to Acelloria Hosting Service?Open or Close

    There are a couple of reasons why we would recommend our clients to switch to our Hosting service. First of, we offer simple and highly secured hosting service; you will receive no spam, empty traffic, and there will be no unwanted robots going through the coding of your website. Also, unlike our competitors, we offer a Pay-as-you-go billing option, meaning there are no contracts for you to sign. This will not only save you hundreds of dollars in the long run, you will not be locked in for a year – you can switch providers at any time!

  • Will I have apache as web server?Open or Close

    Yes, you will.

  • Can I install and configure modules or can I build apache from sources?Open or Close

    Yes, you can install anything via FTP or IP Address.

  • Can I also install nginx?Open or Close

    You don’t need to install nginx because we have already installed it for you so you can go to the beach in Cancun and enjoy yummy drinks.

  • What are the steps to moving my domain and database to Acelloria network?Open or Close

    1. Give us your domain name which will migrate to our network
    2. We will create account for you on our cloud hosting
    3. We will provide you login and temporary password to your account
    4. You will login to your account and configure technology as you wish by choosing options from a list.
    5. Through FTP, you will upload your files
    6. Test your website
    7. Change DNS records on your current Domain provider

    Your website will being to run without any down time.

  • How can I test the speed of my website on 3500 PoPs?Open or Close

    You would need to setup an account with and test your website this way. You will see your website hosted from different locations. Please note that if you setup this service to scan your website very often, it will increase your usage on computer cycles and bandwidth. All testing software eats your usage.

  • So based off your chart, Akamai offers CDN for $0.75/GB, whereas Acelloria offers CDN for $3/GB, wouldn’t going with Akamai be the cheaper route?Open or Close

    First of all, Akamai’s prices are based on 500 PoPs for CDN compared to the 3,500 PoPs offered by Acelloria. Secondly, Akamai charges you for Inbound and Outbound bandwidth usage. With Acelloria, we only charge for Outbound usage, all inbound bandwidth is free. For example, a client has 90 GB of Inbound data and 10 GB of Outbound data. Akamai will charge this client $75 (90+10=100 GB x $0.75). If the client was with Acelloria, we would only charge them $30 (10 GB x $3) since Inbound usage is free.

  • Which network is faster – Akamai, Limelight Networks, EdgeCast or Acelloria?Open or Close

    Please review the speed comparison table at Acelloria had won the speed test by 92.5%.

  • Will Content Delivery Network improve my website’s rank in Google or will it stay the same?Open or Close

    The speed at which your website loads actually plays a huge factor in your Page Rank. Google and various other search engines test your upload speed and use this data towards your ranking. If your website opens content much faster than your competitor’s, your site will be moved up in the SERP.

  • How many clients do I lose if my website loads slowly?Open or Close

    Statistics show that up to 80% of clients leave your website if content is downloaded very slowly. This is traffic that you worked so hard to get – do not let these potential clients slip away!

  • How many clients will I keep on my website if I start using Content Delivery Network services?Open or Close

    You will see 20-40% increase in the quantity of clients that stay and browse other pages of your site. If you pair this service with our SEO or Local Marketing Packages, you will see an increase from anywhere between 25-60%.

  • Can I use SSL for my hosted website? How does it work?Open or Close

    Yes, you can use SSL for any domain you like. Just like any other hosting service we will have to add SSL certificate on each domain. You can provide us your SSL certificate and pay only setup fee or we can also provide SSL certificate as well.

  • Do I need to host my website database in your CDN, or can I host it in my DB server in a different Data center?Open or Close

    No, you do not have host your database on our cloud hosting or CDN in order to use our CDN service or cloud hosting service. YOU can use our Cloud Hosting or CDN hosting and keep your database somewhere else and use ours for service for Static or Dynamic content only. For all database queries, we will send all requests to your database server outside of our network. You can host your DB anywhere e.g. in house, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure DB or any other DB provider.

  • If DB server will be in different data center what will be the IP source connection to this DB server?Open or Close

    IP address or data connection address is generated automatically in our system based on the domain extension and customer location/country from the closest data center. You will get this information once we will add your domain in our system.

  • Could you provide me an IP list in this case?Open or Close

    We have millions of IP addresses in our whole system and we don’t know yet which IP will be assigned to your domain until unless we add your domain in our system.

  • How much does it cost to host MySQL database in CDN (2 GB)?Open or Close

    We do not charge anything extra for MySQL database unlike other companies. Your account Disk Space option will cover your DB space as well. We treat content, database space, etc. equally. e.g. If you have 0.7 GB html/static content and 0.3 GB MySQL data then we will charge you for total 1 GB disk space.

  • If I need to make a change in website script, is it spread to all servers automatically?Open or Close

    Whenever you will change your content, you will upload your files via FTP to only one server and all other servers will copy data from master host. Your FTP server will be master host and rest everyone else is slave.

  • If one host in CDN network will be overloaded by user requests, will your system send new connections to other hosts?Open or Close

    Single host will never ever get overloaded because we evenly distribute traffic between all data centers and even within one data center we have cluster based setup; e.g. if we have 500 servers in one data center then first web page request for your domain will go to server number 1 and second request will go to server number 2 and so on. Which means all 500 servers in one cluster in one data center will get one request each before they will get 2nd or 3rd or 4th request.

  • How long does it take to switch hosting and CDN providers to Acelloria?Open or Close

    From the time you order, it will roughly take 30 minutes. Afterwards, you will notice a dramatic increase in your website load speed instantly.

  • How can I switch my CDN or Cloud Hosting service to Acelloria?Open or Close

    After submitting your order form and domain name to Acelloria, we will provide you with an account login name, password and DNS servers information, which you will update with your domain registrar e.g. Godaddy,, Network Solutions, etc. Once your DNS server’s information has been updated with your domain registrar, our CDN and hosting servers will automatically obtain/cache your content from your current hosting provider and redistribute to all of our edge/pop locations worldwide which will improve your website or content delivery speed instantaneously.

  • I found various companies which charge between $0.05 to $0.10per GB for CDN bandwidth, why is Acelloria’s price high?Open or Close

    First you need to check a few important things regarding your CDN service provider before you get to the conclusion. E.g. What is the service type, length of contract, upfront investment, data locations, network type, DNS routing category, last mile locations, peering partners quantity, how many pop/edge locations company have etc.

    Our CDN prices are based on POP/edge locations. Just to give you an example, we have 3,500 POP/edge locations worldwide and we charge $3 per GB for bandwidth or data transfer. On average, each of our POP/edge location will cost you $0.00085. But with other companies who sell CDN service for $0.10per GB with average 32 POP/edge locations, your cost will be $0.015 for each pop/edge location.

    Please keep in mind that by having more POP/edge locations worldwide ensures your website faster delivery to the website visitors because you don’t want to lose your online visitors due to the slow website speed and losing visitors means losing revenue for your business.

  • What type of cloud do you use?Open or Close

    Cloud Billing Type: Utility computing
    Cloud Category: Hybrid cloud (Both Windows & Linux)
    Cloud Service Type:Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)… Which includes thousands of virtual & non-virtual machines, servers, storage devices, load balancers, DNS routers and network combined together. (But everyone is being charged by based on Utility-Computing or Pay-As-You-Go.)

  • Will I have Linux CentOs on it?Open or Close

    Yes, you will have Linux & Windows both. You will upload files on same FTP and choose online inside your hosting control panel if you want Windows or Linux support for your files and the rest is automatically determined. You don’t have to configure anything.

  • Can I install cPanel on VM?Open or Close

    No, you can not install anything on server side because our system is one big infrastructure. We can only install software on our cloud, just like any other public cloud. However, we will give you our custom online control panel where you can manage your website features, etc. Our system is not a VM or virtual machines, our cloud is a bundle of thousands of servers put together as a one big computer or you can even call our whole cloud as Super Computer or similar to mainframe computer system.

  • Do I need a professional engineer to maintain my website once it is on Acelloria’s Hosting service?Open or Close

    Not at all. All technology is pre-built into our service, you will only need to choose which service suits your needs and we will do the rest. Our customer service staff is here to assist you if any issues arise.

  • How much does it cost to start using Hosting or CDN services?Open or Close

    We only charge a setup fee. Afterwards, every week we monitor your total usage and invoice you monthly based on our Pay-as-you-go billing method.

  • Partner Programs

  • Is there a fee for being a partner?Open or Close

    No, there are no fees. We only expect that after 3 months working with us as a reseller, our partners would begin to generate $1000/month of sales of Acelloria’s services.

  • What will happen if we do not reach $1000/month in sales after 3 months?Open or Close

    Our partners will lose their discount and all services will be charged at full price.

  • What happens if my client doesn’t pay the bill, can I get a credit from Acelloria?Open or Close

    No, we are not responsible or liable for any clients that you sign up. You will be responsible for all payments that your clients miss.

  • What will my mark up be?Open or Close

    Good question! You have the freedom to choose your own mark up on our services. We only request that you do not sell our services below the wholesale price offered to you. Our partner prices are very low if you compare them to our competitor’s, giving you more opportunity to price services based on your desired profit. We have low setup costs, and low monthly prices. Please note that we charge you only for your usage, hence you have the option of charging your clients monthly fees.

  • How can we manage our clients?Open or Close

    We will setup your online access to our hosting portal where you can manage your clients and their usage for each URL.

  • Can I terminate the partner agreement at any time?Open or Close

    Yes, please give us a one week’s notice if you wish to cancel the agreement.

  • When I order services from Acelloria, do I have to pay upfront?Open or Close

    Yes, when you place an order, we require a full payment for each service.

  • Can I get a greater discount if I sell more than $100,000/month?Open or Close

    Yes, we will provide you with a special price for such an achievement! When you will reach $25,000/month, you will get a personal account manager who will work at a discounted rate to help you properly set up clients, deal with payments, etc.

  • What kind of payment method do you accept?Open or Close

    We accept only check, wire transfer, and credit cards.

  • SMS Marketing Service

  • What will happen to my data after the SMS has been sent?Open or Close

    We delete all customer information from our program and databases to ensure utmost confidentiality. We will not share your contact list with other clients or third-party advertisers.

  • How much time does it take to prepare a SMS to be sent to numerous clients?Open or Close

    We will be ready to send the text message the next business day.

  • If I have 500 clients and your program only recognized 100 mobile phone numbers, how much will you charge me?Open or Close

    We charge only on a plan basis. Our first plan covers up to 500 phone numbers, since 100 mobile phone numbers were detected and it falls within the 500 range, you will be only charged for this plan.

  • Inquiries on Services

  • Will the price change for a package I have purchased?Open or Close

    When you purchase a service, you are “locked in” on that price for the duration that you are our client.

  • Do you offer refunds?Open or Close

    There are no refunds for any of our packages because all work performed is permanent. We are always available to our clients during regular business hours and sometimes during off hours as well. Please contact us via phone or email before you place your order so you can be sure we are the right marketing company for you.

  • How would I know how much traffic my website is getting?Open or Close

    Before we begin work on the campaign of your choice, we will prepare a full analysis report on the current state of your website. This will give us a starting point and will help us figure out what aspects of marketing we have to focus on. After campaign initiation, we will provide you with monthly reports illustrating the progress and position of your website on search engines.

  • Will these SEO packages hurt my site rank in Google?Open or Close

    We guarantee that our work will not hurt your website; we use only high quality links that are implemented on a consistent basis, and we follow Google changing policies on SEO to ensure that it will not block your site for any reason. A lot of competitors build backlinks and implement old-fashioned SEO tactics that are extinct, because of this, Google prevents these sites from ever reaching the high ranks of the SERP.

  • Why is there a Setup Fee?Open or Close

    This is a one-time charge, due at sign up that covers the cost for accessing web server, project management, initial account setup, and content source code editing to achieve compliance with current SEO standards.

  • How many pages does the SEO package cover of my website?Open or Close

    Our package focuses on one domain and up to 5 sub-pages. We generally recommend clients to optimize their homepage, company blogs, up to 3 service/product pages, and testimonials page (if you have one). Please contact our representative to have a customer campaign tailored if you have more than 6 pages that you wish to be optimized.

  • How do you choose the best keywords for my website?Open or Close

    High quality keywords are an important part of increasing your website’s ranking in search engines. When you type in words into the search engine field, such as ‘telephone provider,’ search engines go on a hunt to find content (websites) that have keywords embedded that match your entry. Websites have to market themselves according to the words that customers type into the search engine, however choosing the most popular search keywords for your industry does not always improve your ranking. Competition – imagine thousands of websites that have the same keyword as you, of course the websites that have higher page ranking will be placed higher in search results. At Acelloria, we know the tricks of the trade and we use several analytical tools, such as Google Keyword tool, to choose the most effective keywords for your site. First we analyse, compare, test, and then implement.

  • I’m interested in a service, how do I get started?Open or Close

    First things first, are you ready to become successful? Many people are resistant of change and are afraid of becoming successful, as funny as this may sound, it is true for many entrepreneurs. Once you have decided to take a step forward towards success, choose a package that best suits your organization’s needs. If you are not sure, our customer service will be happy to assist you. Please visit our Plans and Packages page for a full list of all of our services. Afterwards, all you will need to do is fill out a detailed order form and one of our sales staff will contact you shortly to begin account setup. You will be provided with an account manager who will update you on the progress of work and who will be available to answer any of your questions.

  • Why do I need to sign a contract?Open or Close

    At Acelloria, we want to protect you, the client, and our professionals who put in a lot of time into the research and implementation of your project in order to give you the best results. The contract is a symbol of our commitment to your needs and outlines all of the services that will be performed by our development team. It also ensures a fixed price and guarantees that all information exchanged between both parties is strictly confidential.

  • Do you need access to our Web Server?Open or Close

    Yes, our development team will need access to your web server in order to begin the optimization process of your website on the back end. With access, our professionals can change the structure and coding of your website, embedding quality, readability, and optimization, yet maintaining the look and content, so that search engines can easy index it. This is referred to full on-site optimization.



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