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Business Growth with Remarketing

Google Remarketing, also referred to as Retargeting, is a relatively new form of PPC advertising that focuses on conversion increase by allowing you to place ads visible to customers who have already viewed your website. Taking into consideration that around 98% of people who visit a website will leave the site without making any purchases, the idea of remarketing your brand brings hope to many companies who initially lost the customer.

Our Services:

  • Professional banner design in 8 sizes, unlimited revisions

  • Installation of remarketing tags

  • Customer audience combinations

  • Ad placement optimization

  • Mobile & tablet targeting

  • Google display network

  • Call to action strategy

  • Analytical report of campaign

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Plans and Pricing

How Does it Work?

In basic terms, Google Remarketing acknowledges each visitor who lands on your website and leaves without making a conversion. This activity is actually part of many search engine’s analytics code and most users can find this information through Webmaster tools, however the real strategy comes into play when search engines decide what to do with this information. If a visitor did not convert into a lead, Google’s Remarketing software follows the visitor to the next sites they view and proceeds to feed them advertisements from your company as a way of reminding the visitor of the last website they have been to; reminding them of something they already want.

If you have ever visited a travel website and then continued to see the ad for the same website all over the Internet, then you have experienced retargeting.

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Benefits of Remarketing

  1. Constant Exposure = Increased Memory Retention of Brand
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What happens when you see the same thing over and over again? You become accustomed to the image, you bring your guard down, and start to pair the message with the image. By constantly exposing the visitor with your brand advertisement, they begin to associate the service or product they are looking for with your company, thus increasing the likeliness they will come back to your site and make a purchase.

  1. Customizable Campaign for Unconverted Visitors
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Google retargeting allows you to design a campaign focusing on the bulk of people who visited your website but did not sign up or make a purchase. This puts your money to good use because it helps you secure new customers even after they leave your website.

  1. Target Buyers Based on Visited Pages
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Each page of your website can have a separate remarketing campaign that tracks visitor interest. This further customizes the ad that the visitors see on other sites by displaying exactly what they were looking at before they left your page.

  1. Prompt Past Buyers
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Do you want returning customers? You can target past clients with remarketing as well by reminding them of their experience with your company. Anyone who has abandoned the checkout page or shopping cart can be tracked and sent ads for similar items as a way of encouraging future purchases.

  1. Control Over Campaign Length
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With remarketing, you have full control over how long your campaign lasts and it can be adjusted to behavioural habits of visitors and your own preferences.

Plans and Pricing


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