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How to ask for advice on CannaSOS cannabis social network

During our development of CannaSOS we’ve set out to make it a true network for cannabis users. A place where they can chat, discuss their issues with cannabis consumption or production, engage in discussions about the most effective way to grow strains, etc, etc. Of course by that time we already had groups and feed options where anyone could share whatever they liked, but we’ve felt that it wasn’t quite enough to get the talk going. So we have come up with a simple, yet an effective solution: the advice section.

We figured that it would be a perfect way to connect green marijuana users with the more experienced ones. Cannabis industry and culture are still new phenomena in the modern society and is important to bring education to the masses in the simplest and most efficient way. How exactly does the Advice section work?

Got questions?

The Advice section is pretty direct and easy to use. If a guest or a subscriber has a question, he or she  can ask it directly to the entire CannaSOS audience.  The beauty of it is that a user can specify where they live and ask questions which concern their particular country and state. Our system calculates the location of users automatically, but they are free to pick whichever location they want.

Our subscribers can ask questions in a number of categories, including  strains, doctors, dispensaries, legal, grower and users. Each category already has vast numbers of queries from our users. They often ask questions about marijuana growing and consuming. For example, what is the best method of improving the yields of Gorilla Glue 4 marijuana strain, what time of day is better to smoke some Trainwreck marijuana strain, or how much oil produced from White Widow marijuana strain can they own in a particular state.

We sincerely hope that our work and our users help to bring knowledge about marijuana all around the world.

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