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Lift your spirits up with Super Sour Diesel recreational marijuana strain

For the past couple of years cannabis has dominated the arena as one of the most effective antidepressants. With the rise of legalization in the West thousands if not hundreds of thousands ditch their prescribed medication like Prozac and Luvox in favor of alternative of more natural medication, including marijuana. Of course onfe of the best strains that arev knonw to lift ones spirit is the always popular Super Sour Diesel marijuana strain.

Bushy goodness

At first sight Super Sour Diesel marijuana strain is indistinguishable from other Sour Diesel phenotypes. Like the rest of the family the nugg is covered in all hues of purple and green. These are sprinkled with a layer of milky trichomes. The buds themselves are extremely dense and completely drenched in resin. Squeeze them hard enough and you will have to give your fingers a good wash.

The herb smells as you might have guessed: strong diesel fuel. The scent hits you as soon as you open up a jar or a zip bag. Upon closer inspection you will start to pick up hints of skunk and citrus in the aroma. In terms of taste Super Sour Diesel marijuana strain is exactly the same blend of citrus and gasoline. The flavor lingers in the mouth for a good half hour if you don’t wash it out with water. Light it up and your whole room will feel like you have opened cans of petroleum.

Super Diesel experience

As we’ve mentioned before, Super Sour Diesel marijuana strain is excellent when it comes to treatment of depression and general stress. The herb leaves users full of energy, happiness and calm. Its cerebral euphoria can last for hours. What’s even better is that the strain boasts other Sativa effects, such as creativity boosting.

Many users utilize the herb as a means of alleviating their muscle aches. It’s a perfect solution if you want to hit the weights in the morning and avoid those pesky muscle cramps afterwards. The side effects include the usual red eyes and some mouth dryness, but you will be fine. Like most Sativas this one is not for the faint of heart or for those inexperienced with cannabis.

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