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Lighten up your parties with Blue Dream recreational cannabis strain

Being in a social situation can be problematic for many users. All of use have been in a situation where it was nearly impossible to break the ice at a party. Especially in a house full of strangers. Thankfully, we live in an age where we have a little help from a friendly herb. One of these herbs that will surely help you deal with social interactions and become the heart of a party is the always popular Blue Dream cannabis strain.

The name behind the game

What exactly is this leaf? Well, first of all, it is mostly Sativa and moderately strong with some 17-18 THC under its belt. Since one of its’ relatives is a Blueberry Indica, it has inherited some of its delicious berry aroma. It hits you the moment you open up a container with Blue Dream cannabis strain and the aroma will not weather away even if you leave the bud out in the open for a couple of days.

This secret is combined with a strong berry flavor and hints of backed cookies. The flavor will linger in your mouth for hours. It’s safe to say that on levels, except physical, the strain is a berry. Its nuggs are long, slightly dark green, and full of hairs. Upon closer inspection it appears that they are glistening with beautiful transparent trichomes.

Get socializing

As I mentioned before, Blue Dream cannabis strain is excellent when it comes to making users more confident in social situations. Especially if the party is set for an afternoon. If you smoke some of the herb in the morning, it will provide all of the required confidence, max your energy and  alleviate all your worries. The weed will make you more talkative and wipe your anxiety away for hours.

It’s not for social interactions only. The herb does an excellent job at soothing muscle aches, headaches asnd other forms of pain. The best part of the experience is that the strain is not very tough on you and requires a small amount for the effects to kick in. Of course, it may not be to the liking of some more hardcore users, but that’s not what Blue Dream cannabis strain is for. Its’ all about having fun.

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