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White Label Reseller Program

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We have a large array of services that interest clients from various industries, and an experienced and talented team of developers, marketers, and sales agents - we produce tangible results. It is now possible for you to offer our platform of services to your clients as an SEO reseller. Any SEO company or business of any size is welcome to purchase our services at low wholesale rates, and then sell it to their clients for the retail rate.

All material, such as reports, proposals, and results will be “branded” with your company information and logo; customers will believe that your company is the developer. We offer monthly plans that are already imbedded in our SEO pricing list.

Upon joining our affiliate program, you will be part of an experienced and respected company that can help you tap into the world of search engine optimization.

Proposals / Contracts / Analysis

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All material required to sign up a client will be provided to you with your company’s logo and information, as if you are offering the services directly. To assist in closing deals, all Partners will also receive sales scripts, FAQ pages, objection/rebuttal examples, marketing materials, and a custom online sign up form for clients to use.

Each client’s website is thoroughly researched, paying particular attention to given trade and competitors, and data is compiled for the client to show a realistic synopsis of the results of the proposed campaign.

All campaigns are set up with realistic goals, websites are analyzed from various perspectives, and we overachieve expectations in order to build lasting relationships with our clients.


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All clients will receive detailed monthly reports that include statistics from Google Analytics, Alexa, a keyword ranking report, a lengthy summary listing completed and to-be completed tasks, suggestions for improvement, comments, and recommendations of services that may improve the campaign. Conversion-rates are noted weekly to ensure value and effectivity.


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We take pride in our support team and managers, they not only provide a quick and informative response but also interpret technical explanations into basic terms so that a client, no matter their background, can comprehend. If English is not a first language for some clients, we have staff from around the world - we speak English, Russian, Hindi, Urdu.

Our goal is to build strong relationships with our clients - happy clients are the source of great referrals and reviews.

Bonuses and Incentives

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Our Partners are also very valuable to us and we want to make sure you are satisfied with our services. We offer bonuses to Partners, based on the quantity of opened accounts in a given period. Please Contact Us to learn more! We would be most honoured to have you on board.

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