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Press Release Distribution Services

You will not find press release services at other SEO companies. We are offering it to you because we know the great advantages of distributing your press release. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable team to implement such tactics so you can reap in the most benefits.

We will include SEO anchor text links and proper formatting of your press release, including SEO keywords and tags linking back to your website. You will receive access to statistics to help you measure your campaign, as well as, we will include a social media toolbar with each release.

We recommend including various media files, such as images and videos, to increase the effectiveness of your PR; you can attach up to 7 media files with your story.

Your Press Release Will Be Distributed To

  • Search engines including Google, Yahoo, Ask, AOL

  • Popular newswires including EIN Presswire, World News, Google News

  • 40 premium news partner websites

  • Network industry channel websites

  • Database of Newspapers and Magazine relative to your industry

  • PR network of websites, databases and online services, including Yahoo News, Reuters, Marketwatch, MSNBC, AOL, Forbes, and Bizjournals

  • Opt-in journalists subscribers

  • RSS and JavaScript feeds

Multimedia Press Releases

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Extra! Extra! Hear All About It!

Release your breaking news to the world about a new product or service, a new partnership, or new brand positioning, in an optimized press release that is distributed to hundreds of sources, such as newspapers, journalists, bloggers, or magazines.

Press-releases Publication

A Range of Benefits

  1. Increase your ranking

We enhance your press release with search engine optimized anchor text and links to pages on your website and leave your links on high PR websites, thus improving your own website page rank in the process.

  1. Inexpensive

Compared to paid advertising, you will save hundreds of dollars by writing a press release and hiring a press release distributor, like Acelloria, to get the story to the people that count.

  1. Target smaller media outlets

By spreading your press release through various online channels, all it takes is one fishy to take the bait. Most major media outlets obtain a large portion of their stories from local news throughout the world. If one reporter comes across a story of interest, you can guarantee that they will spread it along to other publications.

Press releases statistics
  1. Visibility

80 million people get their news online every day. Continuous press release distribution will let your target customers know who you are, what you do, and where to find you. Enough said.

Press releases statistics
  1. You will become the industry expert

As journalists grow familiar with your presence in their community, they will start to gain your trust and will most likely come to you if they need commentary on a story related to your industry. Not to mention as customer trust grows, so does your revenue.

Press Releases Statistics
  1. Attract Investors

Press releases that focus on the advancement and success of your company are an effective way to attract new investors who are searching for the next big thing.

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