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The practical use of CannaSOS cannabis information stickers

When our team was working on the way basic strain information is displayed on, we wanted it to be both practical and educational. After a lot of tweaking and fine tuning we have come up with a way to give the most important info about a cannabis strain – stickers. Stickers can be produced by leaving a review on cannabis strains. They compress all data about it in a single picture.

On the palm of a hand

The beauty of this system is it gives all information about the strain. No need to go through an entire strain review or information section. No need to go searching for it on the Internet. Everything is right there. Our stickers provide data on basic strain characteristics, such as genetics (Sativa/Indica/Hybrid), THC, CBN and CBD levels, as well as a short description of its effects.

In the medical section of a sticker users can see data concerning diseases and symptoms. For example, Willie Nelson cannabis strain is excellent at treating ADHD, anxiety and depression. It invokes creativity, happiness and energy in users. The herb also excel’s At the same time Willie Nelson cannabis strain can cause unwanted effects such as dizziness, dry eyes and mouth in large doses. Despite of this it does wonders when it comes to alleviating stress, pain and nausea.

Practical application

Of course this is all fine and nice, you might say, but how am I supposed to use this? Well there are plenty. The most common use for a sticker would be placing it on a strain jar. This will be especially useful for dispensaries and medical cannabis doctors. Private individuals can also print and apply our stickers on their bags and jars of weed. This feature is 100% free.

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