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Top medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles

There are hundreds of places to buy cannabis from in California these days. LA shops provide a wide variety of wares for medical and recreational purposes, however there seem to be more businesses operating  are oriented towards medical patients. Today we will give a rundown of top medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles.

Alternative Medicine Group

This company hails itself as a champion of discretion. It works as a delivery service for patients. In particularly those who can’t reach the place due to some disability or debilitating illness. Sadly, the place doesn’t seems to have access for the handicapped. Aside from over 100 strain names Alternative Medicine Group offers a nice selection of glass pipes and other paraphernalia from bongs to gas masks.

Along with standart smoking accessories the business sells a lot of dabbing equipment. The business can be found on the left side of Sepulveda if you go straight north. Alternative Medicine Group can be hard to spot because of the huge hedge that hides the entrance. There is also a parking lot, but it is very small compared to other top medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles.

BSE (formerly Balboa Caregivers)

BSE, or Balboa Caregivers as it was previously known, is one LA’s pre-ICO dispensaries. It means that the business began working prior to the 2007’s Interim Control Ordinance. This contender of the top medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles is situated right between Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. The best part about BSE is that the staff tests all of the new products to ensure quality.

The staff consists of experienced and professional budtenders who are eager to help anyone in need of advice. Here users can get there hands on some of more top-shelf buds, including Sparrow and Chiquita Banana marijuana strains. Stoners with a moderate budgets can treat themselves to some Cookies Kush and OG Kush marijuana strains. Other than that the shop sells THC-rich muffins. Make sure to check out this shop on our list of top medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles.

Buds & Roses

This shop did little to hit its obvious spin on the Guns and Roses name. Buds & Roses also boasts a wide collection of homegrown buds. For example, they sell the award-winning Veganic Strawberry Cough and Platinum Cookies marijuana strains. Other than a growing lab the business also has a number of budtenders in its staff.  Buds & Roses should be especially loved by people who prefer organically grown plants. The employees utilize only organic fertilizers.

The place has ample parking space as well as a couple of security guards. Of course this is simply additional protection as the neighborhood is quite safe. If you won’t find something at Buds & Roses, there are 4 additional dispensaries in the area, including CannaSutra, Perennial, WHTC and Universal Collective. Look for Buds & Roses on a six-mile stretch of Ventura Boulevard also known as Bud Row.

Hope you will visit these places the next time you are in Los Angeles.

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